Tuesday 3 March 2015

Fortnum and Mason, London

This is a really interesting direction for this brand.  Why is that we hear you ask?  Well, ordinarily this brand appear to adopt a kind of curatorial or an historical approach to their schemes with such care and attention to ensure that the product is key with a really detailed narrative surrounding it.  However, their Devotion scheme with its giant Golden hands, of course still has a huge amount of care applied but a much simpler and cleaner approach seems to have been adopted.  In fact, actually this was probably harder to install than their previous schemes as we all notice elements which are wrong far more easily (we hasten to add that there is never anything wrong with this brands windows of course).  That said, this is a very refreshing direction which breathes a new kind of life into this destination store.  If you have never been here then put this place on your bucket list.  If you have been before then go again and immerse yourself.

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