Monday 29 December 2014

What Will You Feel?, New York

Around the Meatpacking district we recently came across the first store that sells feelings.  How cool is this....!  We were a little hesitant before entering here as it wasn't quite clear what was going on inside.  It was also the end of the working day and it looked like a private event.  As bolshie as ever we entered anyway and thank goodness we did.  What an amazing experience.  We were greeted by the nicest people and asked to enter our email addresses into their system and explore a wide variety of textures in a beautifully organised seated area.  Further on and a range of  fragrances (below) oozed from a curved walled area.  We were still unclear what this was all about until we ventured further along the corridor and to a series of rooms.  Each room contains a different experience from a Winter landscape, a dressing up room and a virtual reality experience.  In each one we could have a photograph taken which was emailed to us within minutes.  Hilarious fun.  And, the product, Glade air fresheners.  This is such an interesting space and such a brilliant way to show an existing product in such an experiential way.

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