Thursday 13 November 2014

Karl Lagerfeld, London

Whether you are big fans of this brand or not you will love this scheme.  Shining like a beacon from their Regent street store, the neon installation at this brand just looks incredible.  The merchandise on the other hand, well, we guess you have to be a certain brand target to truly appreciate it and we recognise that there is a market out there for this stuff.  If you enjoy the Disneyfication (is that a word?) of product and love it to be splashed by a cartoon Cat (we are going to be adult and not say pussy....oh ok then puuussssyyy, there you go, lets just get that out of the way and no sniggering at the back please) then you will definitely love it.  You have the choice (or Choise as their website says) of bags, scarves, bag bugs....oh the list goes on.  Clever stuff really; this guy knows how to tap into a market but in the meantime and merchandise aside we want to gush a little at the fantastic installation which of course is so beautifully executed.

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