Sunday 9 November 2014

Debenhams, London

Having a very Red and sparkly Christmas this year Debenhams is rocking #foundit this year.  It was so promising seeing the last scheme at this brand and how this multiple department store was suddenly looking so damned cool that we even ventured in to explore it, but sadly the dead hand of design and the 'spreadsheets in suits' have no doubt once again had their say and we're back to a generic scheme (we don't have inside information but it really isn't too difficult to decode).  Its not that this scheme is terrible by any means (the team here are so incredibly talented) and of course it does tick the boxes of a Christmas installation; its just that we see these things nearly everywhere else and any personality that was emerging has, well, just been wiped away when it was all looking so fricking good too.  Its such a shame to see businesses which are so absolutely profit driven that any customer engagement beyond the generic-everyone, which means no-one really, is ignored but then it really doesn't matter about the customer experience anyway, right?  

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