Friday 10 October 2014

Mellerio Dits Meller, Paris

Images Courtesy and Copyright
There is always such a wonderful feel to Parisian stores which makes us travel back and forth as regularly as we can when time allows.  When images are shared with us, how wonderful for us to post here and show you too.  Mellerio dits Meller dates back a staggering 400 years and thankfully still in its original family ownership (apparently the last one too) and under the careful curatorship of Emilie Mellerio, 15th generation...!  Wow, this is stuff of history books;  the knowledge, legacy and authenticity of this quiet brand is simply mind blowing.  Using Black gloved hands in a repetition format demonstrating their stunning jewellery, the scheme by those clever guys at is just incredible.  If you happen to be in Paris and along the Rue de la Paix then do swing by, take a closer look and simply breathe in and absorb the centuries of history and those who have gone before you at their one and only store.

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