Monday 13 October 2014

Hackett, London

Hackett appear to have changed direction with this scheme from their usual references to Alfred Hitchcock to poetry; this is a refreshing change and so interesting how this brand keeps itself at the forefront of retail store windows.  Across this multiple, suspended Bluebirds fill their windows with excerpts in vinyl from Charles Bukowki's poem Bluebird placed across the fenestration.  The interesting thing about this scheme is that the poem itself is a summation of vulnerability which in some way denotes the fragility of what so many brands do in pushing the boundaries of design without knowing the reaction of the passersby; this can be disastrous but we always hope the latter and a brave retailer who does this.  This brand is fearless.  We adore the chutzpah of what these guys do and can only support wherever they go.  Great stuff. 

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