Thursday 2 October 2014

Canali, London

We have to be honest with you that Golf really isn't at the top of our list of things to be excited about although we do recognise that others of you might be and we are guessing there must be some people out there or at least somewhere who will appreciate this scheme rather more than us.  OK, so here we go, if Paul McGinley's name rings a bell to you then you can get within a few millimetres, yeah how exciting is that, of an autographed...erm, what do they call those Golf bags with wheels things?  Handbags on wheels? or something like that and drool away.  Joking aside, this scheme is rather impressive and these guys really have raised the bar a little higher with their magnificent out-sized and beautifully made prop of a Golf ball as opposed to their regular (but luxurious of course) suits.  Well its a mans shop and they'd all like bigger {Golf} balls, wouldn't they?  A great refreshing change to view this at Canali which got us all excited.

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