Wednesday 20 August 2014

Brooks Brothers, London

We haven't included this brand for a while so we thought we would give them another go and see what they are doing.  The brand of course is very 'state side' in its presentation although we're not so sure that this is so aspirational to the European customer?  Maybe you know better and love this brand but that 'preppy' look is a little dated for us but not in a vintage cool way but just past its sell by date.  But anyway, that's not to say that the presentation isn't there, because it is, although we do get a feeling that their warehouse filled to the brim with old props somewhere out of town has been raided and then the found bits placed within the space to support the graphics here rather than an interesting concept developed and produced that has some level of depth?  That said, there clearly is a market for this stuff and perhaps this is all we are ever going to get; we just want to see something a little less ordinary that's all.

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