Wednesday 16 July 2014

Smythson, London

Looking very architecturally dynamic is Smythson right now along Bond street in the heart of Luxe-land.  The product here of course is absolutely superb and mostly quite small in what is actually a relatively large space.  There lies the problem.  How do you show small products in such a large space effectively?  Well, no easy task unless you wish to go down the same route as brands such as Tiffany, i.e. small showcase window spaces, although this does mean that you are unable to see inside the main store space.  Here at Smythson, they have overcome this issue by adopting a muli-plinth and multi-level approach where each product has been allocated its own space at varying heights and therefore allowing the passing footfall to scan across multi-potential purchases.  A clean and crisp job we thought. 

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