Sunday 27 July 2014

Harlequin Design Celebrate 10 Years

OK, this isn't quite a retail store windows entry, although it is experiential and therefore we feel justified to include it.  Having just returned from a day with those gorgeous guys at Harlequin Design who so kindly invited us to share in their 10 year anniversary celebrations at Ascot today, we felt compelled to share this with you.  For those of you reading this internationally you may remember Ascot from a scene in the 1964 movie My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn.  Today was less about 'Come on Dover, move your blooming arse' and more about American Hope and Magician flipping hurry up, neither of whom helped us win, dammit.  Anyway, we have the highest respect for these guys and the work that they do and gawd they know how to party.  Champagne and just about every other alcoholic beverage flowed all day and we had an absolute ball.  Of course we wouldn't want to gush (although the Champagne has kicked in) but we adore you guys and thank you for such an amazing day, we had a brilliant time...hic.....hic.  Check out their website  or click on their banner on the side of the main page.

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