Tuesday 8 July 2014

Dior, London

We rarely if ever include hoardings on this site as they are usually so ordinary that we always consider its worth and whether they may actually be even interesting to you as followers or readers.  If you are not sure what a hoarding is then in simple terms it is the temporary and usually wooden structure that surrounds a retail space or building site during construction and normally has either a brand image printed on it of the brand that is about to move in or who may be renovating or the name of the construction company.  It may be called something else where you live but essentially it does the same job of protecting the passerby (this one is a very grand version).  We literally stumbled across this one at Dior and had to share it with you as it really is the best thing we have ever seen coming from this brand.  Who would have thought, eh?  Well, anyway, if you happen to be in London then do swing by their store opposite LV along Bond street and take a closer look.  If you stand in the spot where we took the image immediately below then this 3-D image appears, however the reality is the image below that.  We're not easily impressed but this does provide a few minutes of entertainment and a great optical illusion.    

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