Sunday 13 July 2014

Daks, London

We cant quite remember why we took these images.  OK, well obviously it has a link to Paul Weller and our post on twitter of the above image sent it all a bit bonkers because it is Paul Weller, but apart from that, as their website entries haven't been updated for the past 2.5 weeks (very slack marketing for a premium brand) we are actually unable to find references to this promotion apart from a picture of, well, Paul Weller.  Oh its just all so lacking in communication guys.  Cu'mon shape up a bit a just tell us what you are doing?  You are currently waving at us in the dark; you know what you are doing but the rest of us don't??  Its not rocket science.  Oh, the brand are celebrating 120 years, great, OK, we knew that anyway.

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