Wednesday 18 June 2014

Selfridges, London

Well hello beautiful.  Selfridges is absolutely rocking right now with their super creative and uber cool windows.  Its all about beauty this month so if you get a chance do go and visit their fragrance lab too; truly amazing.  Every window here communicates our wide and varied responses to beauty through challenging and questioning our insecurities but contextualising them so incredibly well through immense positive creativity that one can only imagine how they would be insecurities in the first place.  The scheme is of course still rather 'body beautiful' clearly targeting the young and 'juicy' and naturally we understand the 'edit' although this brand are in a place to be a little more challenging and if we are one of the growing fortunate ones ageing wonderfully disgracefully we would like to feel included too.  That can be beautiful too, right?

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