Monday 28 April 2014

Tommy Hilfiger, London

We mentioned recently this key trend in Visual Merchandising - collaboration. We are seeing collaborations the world over (well where it matters at least) and while we are not huge fans of global corporate 'looks' here at Tommy Hilfiger we can at least view them following or demonstrating this key area/trend.  We are rather torn between the fact that Hilfiger are a global brand which slightly gnaws at us as we are in favour of localised creativity but yet on the other hand, the brand have given exposure to an artist who may not have had such promotion otherwise.  So where do we go from here?  We don't know the answer yet.  In the meantime, the London windows show an installation called 'True Blue' with the work of Debra Folz, a Boston based artist who's "work focuses on incorporating textile and pattern languages in furniture forms in an attempt to blur boundaries between disciplines and their assigned material identities".   

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