Tuesday 25 March 2014

Dries Van Noton Exhibition, Paris

We are forever being shouted at and told off here at Les Arts Decoratifs as they hate photographs being taken of their exhibits.  It seems that in Europe at least that just about every exhibition has a no photography sign up and around it (not that it ever stopped us of course).  After all we bought a ticket, we bought the book to the exhibition and we're promoting it now in a positive light, so what is the issue?  Just about everything is 'out there' in the public domain anyway, isn't it?
Having seen the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition in Brooklyn, NYC last December and photographed and filmed it like naughty school boys and shared it with you all, we can guarantee that when the same exhibition arrives in London soon at the Barbican we would probably be escorted out of the building (we wont be trying of course as we have already seen it and captured it all anyway)  
In the meantime, this Dries Van Noton exhibition is actually fantastic.  What's so good about it we hear you ask? Well, what it shows and communicates so well is the process in which he works, in essence, concept to completion.  Go and see it if you can, it really is beautiful and well worth a visit.

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