Friday 21 February 2014

Eickhoff, Dusseldorf

If you have had enough of Euroshop then you can do no worse than have a quick look around the city centre here in Dusseldorf.  This is the first time ever that we have managed to have a poke around to see what was twitching on the fash. front and we were actually rather surprised what it has to offer.  Our previous experience of the city has been very limited and although we aren't going to spend a holiday here any time soon it does surprisingly have a lot of shopping places on offer, and interesting ones at that.  Here at Eickhoff, we found this fantastic installation with these incredible faux perspectives and amazing merchandise.  What our European neighbours don't really 'get' however is that shoes should be worn my mannequins not simply placed next to their feet (we're ignoring the mannequin groupings for now).  It was a buttock clenching moment but we have to say we are surprised to see such a quality installation anyway in this city.

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