Wednesday 22 January 2014

Louis Vuitton, London

We do honestly look forward to this brands' presentation as we never really know where they are going to go next.  OK, well, Christmas was just a smidge generic and didn't really float our boat, but hey look at this little gem.  If you happen to be in London then do go and check out this scheme.  If you are a fan of post-modernism then this will definitely draw you in.  We've always been huge fans of the post-modernist period, although of course we are ( almost nearly) all post-modernists whether we like it or not simply by our age.  

Anyway, Le Corbusier is certainly one on our list of favourite architects even if he did leave us with hideous tower blocks with graffiti covered pilotis in just about every city in the world which quite honestly just don't work as we know.  There is a very long debate here and this is just a sound-bite so we cant go into that much detail.  

Charlotte Perriand is someone who we had never heard of previously and we are rather ashamed to admit it, although here we have references and a big old giant nod to this incredible female who was apparently famously rejected by Le Corbusier with a "We are sorry but we don't embroider cushions here".  Ouch.  Sadly, if he had employed her originally the world may have looked just that little bit better.  Anyway, do look her up as there is a fascinating story behind this woman from which this brand have drawn references.

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