Friday 24 January 2014

Berlutti, London

This brand appears to have gone from strength to strength visually over the past year.  Its seems, at least from the outside looking in that this is an old brand which has been injected with a refreshing amount of creativity, although not so much that it changes the brand so completely to alienate its core customers (whoever they are) although personally we rather like radical changes.  Blowing off the dust and cobwebs is a good thing and adding a teeny bit of humour here with the use of the saddles strategically placed as if they are trophy heads / skulls ticks the boxes very nicely.  We know these brands read this site, so come on guys, if you are reading this in your dark dusty boardroom, possibly with the whiff of damp trouser hanging in the air from the old guys who have been there for decades and hold the purse strings; lets keep the creativity coming and push those boundaries, eh?

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