Friday 27 December 2013

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Brooklyn Museum, New York

We have been itching to view this exhibition for over a year now, tracking it across the globe and willing it to show in London.  It was particularly fortuitous timing that it coincided with our visit so we were finally able to tick this box and achieve that feeling of being cleansed by what these kind of experiences gush so well.  It is initially slightly unnerving viewing these figures either speaking, singing or just looking directly at you.  Actual faces have been projected onto these mannequins.  As static images don't really communicate this very well, please have a look at our videos below to see what we mean.  Fortunately we were able to take as many images and make as many videos as we liked.  When it arrives in London, we can almost guarantee this freedom will be whipped away faster than a speeding bullet so we took the opportunity to capture everything we could right now.  Here's just a selection to salivate over.

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