Tuesday 3 December 2013

Fendi, Paris

If you ever felt that your bag was missing a certain accessory then pop by Fendi and get yourself a bag bug.  What we hear you ask?  Why?  We really don't know either, its not the first thing on our list of priorities but they are a bit of fun and well, no doubt certainly not made in some dubious factory somewhere and ready to ignite at the mere whiff of a naked flame.  Anyway, whether you fancy a furry thing on your arm beyond the usual night club pick up from somewhere over priced in Knightsbridge then do pop by and get yourself a little furry thing called Lucky Look, Furyyou, Lucifur or maybe Dragoo?  Only of course if you have nothing else to spend your hard earned cash on and then you can do that walk of shame home in style, of sorts.

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