Tuesday 26 November 2013

Selfridges, London. Guest Post by Jodie Oram

Everyone of course looks forward to Selfridges Christmas windows and yet again this years scheme makes for a real visual treat, as well as creating a sense of fairytale enchantment. The windows have an overall theme of over sized products next to miniature worlds creating a real contradiction between the two. Featuring a giant YSL clutch bag and a Charlotte Olympia shoe they really put the focus back on the gift for Christmas. The detail that has gone into these snowscapes is, as always, extraordinary such as a tiny Father Christmas climbing up a giant Givenchy trainer and one attempting to scale up the tassel of a giant bag.  This infused with the movement of props from a rotating play-doh tub to the gentle beat of Dre headphones is very impressive, creating interactivity and entertainment to the masses of people flocking to see the windows.  One of the windows also features a gingerbread version of London’s cityscape created by food pioneers Bompas and Parr with even a Lyle's golden syrup frozen lake. Selfridges itself has also been turned into a miniature world in a snow globe which we found particularly enchanting.


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