Monday 18 November 2013

Hackett, London

If you happen to be along Regent street soon then do go and check out the new Hackett store.  If you weren't at the launch on Friday then where were you?  This brand new shiny store clearly is their flagship and considering the short time that this changed, mercifully from the old Ferrari store in  collaboration with those lovely boys at Harlequin Design to the latest Hackett store is quite spectacular.  If you want to swing by for a fabulous G+T with ice and something magical that they do to them then grab yourself one here (we did), if you need your shoes polished to perfection then have it done here (we did and what a fine job the guy did too), if you need a personal shopper or personalised workshop then yes, you can have it done here; its just like department stores have done for over a century in one wonderful gentleman's paradise.  Movember heaven really, and very nice they all are too.  We've made a short video of the windows which you can view on our YouTube Channel

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