Sunday, 8 September 2013

DFS Group

Images Courtesy and Copyright DFS Asia.

We ignored this press release recently from DFS.  To be honest, here in the UK, DFS refers to an Uber luxury sofa furniture brand; OK we are kidding, it refers to possibly the worst furniture brand that the UK has to offer (think Argos / TK/TJ Maxx and look down as far as you can see) which is also sort of nick named Dreadful F**king Sofas because what they sell is the kind of stuff you reluctantly end up with rather than select to buy.  That said of course, there is a market for their stuff, they clearly make money, so we cant knock it and after all where would pimps and those who cringingly like to stroke their stud-muffin-pash-wagon-egos shop otherwise? Although, who really aspires to buy from the bottom shelf ?  Clearly some brands are lost in translation as this one couldn't be further from the image we are painting.  DFS Asia is one of the 'leading' luxury travel retailers and these images which they have kindly sent to us form part of their AW13 campaign.  Great images all round, and we're so sorry for the brand confusion although we do tend to tell it like it is.

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