Thursday 29 August 2013

Whistles, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Whistles

It seems that our post on Topshop raised a few comments yesterday which is fantastic, although we are open to more of course if you wish to have your say?  We don't shy away from being 'wrong' or sharing what we think ourselves so any contributions from readers are always welcome even if you disagree with what we say.  After all, we are usually quite vocal in telling it like it is ourselves so please keep those comments coming and help build the visual merchandising community and keep talking about what we all do?  
In the meantime, we have to confess that we do often forget about this brand on our travels and yet they are growing and growing brilliantly; but then if you have the best people behind a brand of course this is going to be the case, right?  With their fantastic installation produced in conjunction with Dan Ainsworth at Bad Marriage Design, each piece of this installation has been systematically perfectly spaced and flows beautifully through this store.  Fantastic guys. 

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