Thursday 11 July 2013

Fendi, London

There's a strong whiff of Buckaroo going on here at Fendi, don't you think?  Those of us of a certain age may remember that jittery old plastic horse onto which one had to place the various pieces of baggage such as the cowboy hat, the shovel, the saddle, the frying pan and of course lets not forget the dynamite.  Of course the aim was to place as much 'baggage' onto the old delicate springy plastic horse to avoid 'excess vibration'. i.e. the stuff shot off when the horse or mule bucked, so to speak. (you really couldn't make this stuff up).  Sadly in 2006 Buckaroo was considered unsafe; it was launched in 1970 and considered unsafe in 2006?  The usual health and safety gone bonkers then.  Anyway, a great fun scheme here at Fendi and a romantic look back at times gone by.  Looks like the nostalgia trend is back again then.

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