Thursday 4 July 2013

Car Shoe, London

Car Shoe?......Car Shoe we hear you ask, well yes, it is Sale week.....ish after all so we are working hard to find something new, but right now, we have Car shoe.  Do people actually wear special shoes just to drive a car? Apparently so it seems.  So what happens when one de-cars? (as one says in pretentious circles).  Well maybe one slips into the Manolo's, Jimmy's or Louboutin's we guess?  Anyway, we did actually quite like the layers of graphics placed here even if the said 'umpalumpa' coloured 'Car Shoe' is scarily the size of the glossy 'pash-wagon' itself or maybe the car is the same size as the shoe?  In either case, either buy the shoes and get a tiny car or spend the cash on receiving therapy for having such giant sized feet you freak?  Just telling it like it is.

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