Monday 24 June 2013

Hackett, London

We've had a tough job this week trying to find the latest creative schemes and we have to confess that it has been a bit of a frenzy.  The curse of Sale is everywhere right now so the whole city is painted in Red, but not here thankfully.  Those boys at Hackett, who clearly have far too much fun have referenced Hitchcock's 1959 film North by Northwest in their Sale scheme with this absolutely incredible plane complete with corn field and vinyl graphic; how fantastic is this little gem?  The props here are produced to perfection and every dynamic in the book has been considered.  Without a Shadow of a doubt, these guys are clear leaders right now in the creativity stakes and such a pleasure to view.  Even if you are not based here in London's West End you must go and see this scheme. We are Spellbound.

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