Tuesday, 18 June 2013

H&M, London

So cool it fricking hurts, doesn't it?  The guys at H&M change their schemes quicker than we can, well, change other stuff and we love it, particularly when they change what they do and do it so bleedin' well. These guys are on fire and we cant help but envy their energy.  Lets not under estimate however how hard these guys have to work to ensure that they bring us the latest and greatest in windows and these window changes are incredibly hard work to do.  Well done guys and thank you for sharing your apparently endless energy and we do hope that your head office guys and in particular the dull old finance department appreciate what you do (they probably don't.....actually we know that finance departments never do but want to be a part of it all anyway because they would like to be cool but never are; but don't say we said so).  Fantastic stuff and kudos to the guys who implemented the latest scheme at Oxford Circus.

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