Sunday 9 June 2013

Burberry, London

After what was an agonising journey in fricking economy via the most dreadful Spanish airline Iberia we are finally home.  We have never had such a hideous experience from an airline and what are quite frankly the laziest airline stewardesses in the sky and the most basic dated entertainment for a whole 11 hours of our lives which appeared from one screen for everyone.  Did we just step back in time to the 1970's?  Given the dated appearance, perhaps we were annoyed by the teasing notion that Pam Ann may appear? Sadly, no such luck, although after a few minutes of the same old, same old gags even she would have been tiring.  It is not clear why it appears to have joined with British Airways but brand damage is hard to shake off. What ever happened to customer service?  Do not fly with will receive even less than what you don't pay for and it really is not worth the agony.  If you google their feedback you will find it very difficult to find anything positive written about them and for very good and verifiable reasons.  Anyway, that said, we have popped out to have a look and see whats happening on home territory here in London if only just to stretch our legs and unfurl from economy agony.  Strangely nothing much has actually moved on.  We do love the Black and White scheme at Burberry right now however.

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