Wednesday 1 May 2013

Fortnum and Mason, London

It seems like months and months since we visited Fortnum and Mason and wow, what a corker of a scheme that they have.  We do adore their historical references produced with such incredible attention to detail and care that it almost hurts.  We had never heard of The London Pleasure Gardens at Vauxhall Gardens or Cremone Gardens (?) so we are even more intrigued to find out a little more.  Of course the 'modern' Vauxhall was actually outside of London and in fact in the county of Surrey where a lot of the Glassworks which produced mirrors and general glassware for the city and we imagine export around the former Empire.  Examples of the glassware can be viewed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and references around the Vauxhall area to the former glass works still exist albeit in the names of some of the streets, namely Glasshouse walk.  Fascinating research you've done guys.

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