Friday, 31 May 2013

Bling Bar @Hard Rock, Panama

If you weren't at the post Congresso Internacional Visual Merchandising event in Panama this week, then where were you?  The Panamanian glitterati and fashionista were out in force and the party read like a who's who of the movers and shakers in this amazing city.  I did manage to capture just a few (well quite a few) hilariously funny moments with the very famous Guatemalan TV presenter Alejandra Guzman (she wont thank me for saying that of course...but I'm just teasing....although she is..!) who so graciously agreed to be my human 'mannequin' on stage earlier in the day and a grateful thanks to my US and Mexican colleagues and friends Scott, Linda, Bart and Humberto who made the event and whole experience so remarkable.  Enormous thanks particularly of course to Pedro and Ana Brolo for a truly visionary world class visual merchandising event; Latin America is rocking and certainly a place to watch for some very interesting and very vibrant pockets of inspiration.  We will be showing you what we find here over the coming week.

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