Sunday, 14 April 2013

Molinard, Grasse

If you happen to be exploring the French Riviera then you must pop over to the town of Grasse.  At the bargain price of just 1 Euro (we have a feeling we are being seriously mugged in London) we made the pilgrimage on the bus for one and a half hours to the centre of the perfume industry.  Want to develop your own scent? then this is the place to come.  Thank goodness for the Internet that were able to discover this clearly hidden place where we're sure the best brands in the world must come to develop their signature scents and clearly keep it a secret.  Molinard is by far our favourite place which just like the other perfume houses oozes history dating back centuries.  The whole process of perfume making can be explored here with every perfume house containing this wonderful Copper equipment which squeezes out every last bit of juice from their flowery friends.  It truly is an amazing experience for sure.

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