Thursday 11 April 2013

Fashion Gallery, Nice

After what seems like days and days in bling hell (OK, well it was sunny and warm so we're not complaining) we've finally moved on to the gorgeous city of Nice.  The whole of the French Riviera appears to be carved out of the coastline which simply adds to its fantastic appeal.  Here at the sadly rather dated named Fashion Gallery we are in design heaven.  We could very happily live in this space and spend days and days loving the amazing merchandise, particularly the vintage and antique chandeliers hanging from the space carved from the rocks.  If you happen to be in Nice do go and find this amazing place just beyond the flower market.  We simply came across it by chance while wondering along the tiny alley ways.  The sales assistant here is so incredibly friendly too as most people are in this area of France which just makes us want to keep going back more and more for our design fix.  Love it.

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