Tuesday 23 April 2013

Etro, London

We really wanted to love what this brand produce, and they have actually produced some incredible schemes recently.  Unfortunately this one reminds us of one of those childhood visits to see the awful crap museum dioramas where the stuffed animals look rather dusty, moth eaten (and still do) and the neanderthal humans grimace slightly unhinged and menacingly and should have been locked up somewhere safe away from the general public, probably behind bars.  Of course those visits never lived up to our expectations, having been illustrated with Disneyfied images which in turn were exaggerated in our minds eye and reinforced by the fibbers who write glossy marketing pamphlets.  This was only ever going to lead to enormous lifelong disappointment and possible emotional scarring.  We will get over it eventually.  Cutting through it all, we wish some time, effort and money had been given to this scheme. 

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