Monday 4 March 2013

Browns, London

We haven't been to have a look at South Molton street here in London's west end for months and months.  We were actually looking for a particular French Chocolatier but it seems sadly that a lot of the small stores have moved out and there are a couple of empty stores along this street currently.  This is a shame.  But anyway, we love Browns and what they are up to right now.  The scheme is a little disjointed but they have had a go which counts for something.  In one window we have this 'favela' inspired scheme with a large format graphic and these little houses.  The colour's look great although the execution is a little dubious.  Just next door the neon and the props look fantastic and great fun.  Its a shame that this semi-open space couldn't accommodate those horrible wires but then as this fantastic boutique have actually done something to entice us in (and we imagine the rents here for spaces is horrendous) so we cant be too harsh and these schemes were a pleasure to view regardless. 

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