Monday 18 February 2013

Forever 21, London

It looks like London Fashion Week is well and truly upon us and retailers here in the heart of it all are either squeezing out the last of Valentines promotions,  have jumped ahead to Easter or are embracing this moment.  At Forever 21, the good old Union flag has been dusted down from all of the Jubilee celebrations last year and supported with an announcement of 'Celebrate British Fashion week'.  Slightly odd thing to announce for London Fashion Week.  Is anything happening outside of London to call this British Fashion week?  Are the fashionista of Stockport, Bognor, Aberystwyth or Inverness sporting the latest from Prorsum, McQueen or Westwood?  Unlikely.  Or are Edinburgh Woollen Mills catwalk events making a killing on Sales right now with after show parties offering deep fried Greggs sandwich canapes and a bottle of the finest White Lightning?  We can only wonder.

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