Tuesday 29 January 2013

Fenwicks, London

What on earth is happening at Fenwicks?  One minute we couldn't even give them a cursory glance and now we cant wait to see what they do next; and just keep coming back to get our fix.  These guys are looking hotter than ever and we have no idea who's behind it all but we must say guys, you look fantastic.  Someone has breathed new life into this dinosaur-of-a-brand, gripped it by the 'you-know-whats', and fiercely so.  We love it and couldn't wait to share it.  We were going to show you the new Louis Vuitton scheme as they have just recently installed which we want to share but they've had to move down the bench. We will show you what they are doing sometime this week.  Brilliant team Fenwicks. (we haven't shown the whole scheme here so please do go and look for yourself.....we love the optical illusions..!)

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