Thursday 31 January 2013

BHS, London

Louis Vuitton one day BHS the next.....what a contrast...!  We have to confess that BHS (or British Homes Stores, for those of you reading this around the world) is not the first place that we would come  to look for home ware. For those of you in the UK, is it yours?  Possibly not.  However, how incredibly sexy and delicious does this look?  The colours and textures look amazing, we love the wood and the concrete plinths (are they concrete? who knows, but they look it) and the fantastic urban feel of this scheme makes everything look wonderfully desirable.  Get ya'self down to your local store we reckon and check this stuff out.  Job well done we'd say.  (Oh...and we love the reference to Valentines-ish....without a damned bloody awful heart motif in site..!  See, it can be done.)

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