Tuesday 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas, New York

Well that's Christmas all done then.  We hope you are having a fantastic one.  Few things are worse than seeing Christmas schemes after Christmas so we're off to the lower east side to the cool part of the city.  We haven't had the opportunity to include every Christmas scheme in New York and London but hopefully you have had a flavour of what is happening both sides of the Atlantic.  As you dig into your turkey, nut roast or just liquor enjoying all the festivities that this nauseous time of year has to offer think of us flaneur-ing the streets to bring you the latest and greatest in retail store windows.  If you are reading this, then switch off your computer and go and enjoy yourself.  We are....!!  Have a great one and thank you to all those of you who follow the site or simply check us out.  We're off to a warmer climate shortly also so do check out what we are up to during our adventures in Marrakesh and our 10 Commandments for 2013. 
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