Monday, 31 December 2012

Fishs Eddie, New York

This is our last entry here in NYC before we head for a much warmer climate in Africa (Yeah..!) and what a time we have had.  We're publishing our 10 Commandments of Visual Merchandising 2013 tomorrow so please do check back if you think they may be of use to you all out there, some where or at least else where.  In the meantime, we had to mention Fishs Eddie before we leave; this store is just opposite ABC on Broadway.  We love the merchandise here.  The store and brand is kind of slightly Anthropologie, although not as cool, however not as sanitised as Crate and Barrel and definitely not as nauseating as Pottery Barn. The local demographic is sliced ever thinner.  Anyway, do check them out as they have great windows and the interiors, while comparatively small (in comparison to the previously mentioned brands) they do actually stock some fun (we are resisting saying 'cute') stuff.

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