Friday 14 December 2012

Barneys, New York

We've been following Barneys Christmas window schemes for almost 15 years (yeah...!) and we loved the Cher scheme, the homage to Warhol, the Green Christmas, the Hippy Holiday, the Rudolph reindeer in respect of 9 / 11, Gaga's Workshop.....the list goes on.  But, fricking Disney?  We've heard along the VM grapevine that the brand has been sold and now owned by an investment company (we don't know for absolutely sure)  However, while digital technology is definately of the moment, does it really have to be Dis-mally?  Oh what a shame.  Apologies for the smears of tears left on the fenestration @ Barneys but you clearly no longer understand your brand and the soul has been ripped out.  There are two ways left to go; either Bonwit Teller (as in no longer in existence) or Macys (horribly mainstream).  What a great big Disney tragedy for such a gem of a company.

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