Friday 30 November 2012

Dolce and Gabbana, London

We do feel that we have been on a bit of a rant mode this week (again) but really, do we as customers have so suffer mediocrity and banality for much longer from luxury brands who, of course want our cash?  We feel that the answer is a probable no.  Here at D&G we do love the bird cages with shoes contained within them, and while it genuinely does look great.......we have seen it all before countless times.....Louis Vuitton and even Oasis did this previously.  Therefore, this 'theme' has already done the rounds and we do expect a lot more from a brand that charges such huge amounts for their merchandise and yet is supposedly at the forefront of design.  We just have to exhale a weary sigh once again and hope that they move on and put someone creative in control.

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