Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cos, London

We've been following Cos for a while now and we are rather impressed with their gradual creative development.  The reason for this is that this is such a difficult brand to work with as it really didn't have a personality at all.  We don't think that the brand will mind us saying this but if there was a personality going, they would have had it.  Its been like one of those distant cousins from Zara or Desigual.  The cousins have been trawling the West End theatres and poor old Cos has been treading the boards in Suburbia.  However, bit by bit this brand is glowing bigger and brighter and we love where they are coming from.  The big stars have had their day and this one is polishing itself for bigger and better things.  In the meantime.....un-subscribe it you want to because we're just telling it like it is and it costs you nothing - value indeed.

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