Thursday 27 September 2012

Moschino, London

We do try so hard to love this brand and what they do; honest.  But, wtf?  This brand appears to have completely lost all creative direction, don't you think?  Or are we being harsh?  This is such a shame as Moschino himself was such an amazing designer.  Sadly, this brand looks as dreadful as Chanel with its 'wiggy' mannequins and their cheap props.  While the brand clearly has the cash, the vulgarity of it all is just bizarre.  We would like to think that these guys are so avant garde and that we have missed the point; although we really cant believe that there was any point in the first instance?  We're just telling it like it is, afterall do you sit like this in a chair with your nails deeply embedded in the seat?..probably not?

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