Sunday 16 September 2012

Hobbs, London

Oh Hobbs sweetheart what the frick are you doing?  Animal heads were on trend a year ago.  We did screech to a halt when we spotted this lil' 'ole scheme on South Molton street, but only because of the dead eyes of these bird heads. This scheme reminds us is of  the film 'Calendar girls'.  You remember the one where all the women from the local WI get their boobs out for a calendar?  Lots of other 'institutions' followed suit and some got it completely wrong.  Remember the middle-aged women's weaving circle that flashed their bosoms and lost thousands of pounds because no-one wanted to buy images of females with their scary middle-aged brown saucer-like nips being flashed on a calendar? (pounds as in sterling not weight for those of  our readers stateside).  Anyway,  cu'mon guys, you want our hard earned cash - make an effort?  Mannequins with dead-eyed birds heads on mannequins dressed like frumps is just not enticing.  Get ya'self a copy of The Mix Mag. and invest in great VM's to turn yourselves around; it really is the only way.

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