Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Burberry, London

Have you been to the new Burberry flagship yet?  If not, then it really is worth a visit.  You may remember this site as the place where Habitat completely failed to make an impression in what is actually a very difficult space to sell from.  We've done a little research and apparently this is also the site of a former cinema where Queen Victoria saw her first film.  Anyway, the site does look a little reminiscent of possibly a Methodist church which makes this space very hard to design within, that said it is very impressive.  Technology is clearly leading the way right now as a strand through new retail environments and this one is no exception.  The massive amazing central video screen, screens concertinaed around the first floor and all sales staff armed with ipads, this is retail of the future, only now. 

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  1. I haven;t actually seen the new flagship store in person but it sounds amazing and very futuristic, I just wish they would do something new and refreshing with their windows ! I mean they still have those bone coloured Bonaveri mannequins and metallic props/plinths etc..... PLEASE Burberry start thinking outside the box and begin to AMAZE us !


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