Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Moncler, Shanghai

We've never recorded the windows of a Moncler store before although the brand seem somehow familiar?  Its still scorching hot here and the light is a little too blinding to our Western European sensitive eyes.  Clearly we are more suited for cooler climates which is probably why we were drawn to this scheme.  It seems so odd to view a Winter style theme in such heat, don't you think?  We love it of course, but we would probably faint just trying on this little Black number complete with Golden Cyber-storm-trooper-type helmet and even the thought of it is making us sweat more.  We always try and capture images of windows at night time although this city is rather too large to just spend all night trawling the streets and unfortunately therefore we have almost complete glare and reflection in these images.  Ah well, we're sure you get the gist of it anyway.

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  1. There comes the wintter,we provide moncler jackets for kids to help your children to keep warm,as we known, the children is not so strong as adults!


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