Sunday 19 August 2012

John Lewis, London

Well we're back in London and hot is this city?  We're not just talking about whats happening here window-wise but the weather is incredible..!  Anyway, we've already been out and about to have a look around town and it is amazing all of the changes that have taken place in a relatively short space of time.  D&G have closed their massive store  on Bond st. and Smytheson is going through a whole refit.  Coach has opened its doors for business and Juicy has opened in the old Kurt Geiger store in Regent st.  Gawd you turn ya back for on minute and the whole place falls apart.  Anyway, in the meantime, John Lewis is rocking Oxford St. with its massive Union flag graphic wrapped around the building.  Magnificent..!  We're so glad that the VML's have kicked in with Westminster Council to support this stuff.  We hope we will see more of it.  (VML's = Visual Merchandising Laxatives)
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