Tuesday 7 August 2012

I.T, Beijing

One of the wonderful things about the Malls of Beijing is the masses of space that they seem to have and we are quite in awe of it all and slightly overwhelmed.  Here at the Oriental Mall on the main fashion shopping street of Wangfujing which leads on the Tiananmen square, there are, yet again far too many shops to know where to begin.  I.T, which unfortunately was in Sale when we visited looked particularly interesting because of their enormous video wall.  We love the respect here shown to everyone as this kind of installation would probably be smashed and bashed if it were back in the UK, but the Chinese appear to take care of everything so well that we could probably eat the Chicken soup that we had for lunch (still with its head attached and complete with comb) from the floor.  Still, we did manage to avoid ordering the fried toad and the snake fish by mistake. 

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