Thursday 23 August 2012

Intimissimi, London

At first glance walking along Oxford Street we sort of quite liked this scheme at Intimissimi.  On closer inspection....well......what can we say?  Look at the detail of the chandelier and maybe you can make up your own mind about this, although we know what you're scheme.  The nauseating lacy chandelier did actually cause a little mini-sickness in our throats as we walked by.  Oh.....but what could have been done with this brand when there is so much out there on the high street to bench mark it against.  Well, Victoria's Secrets will open soon in the old Pringle store along Bond St. so these guys will really need to get their act together and wow us into their space....else remember La Senza?.  So, cu'mon guys chuck out that bloody awful cheap chandelier and get something rather more glamorous into the space?  We're just telling it like it is.

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